Judith Randel

Ideas and Action for Public Good

Judith combines life with Tony German on a small holding in Somerset with working on ending poverty – and especially the data and information needed to do so. They have job-shared for pretty much all of their working lives and are currently visiting fellows at the University of Bath. Having done law degrees covering issues like law and racism and law and poverty, they both worked for ActionAid and then in 1993 set up Development Initiatives to work on data and information to end poverty, among other things working for Bono and Bob Geldof on fighting poverty in Africa.  In 2020 they are starting a new organisation called Ideas and Action for Public Good which will still be about the Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 1 on ending poverty in all its forms everywhere and SDG 10 on inequality. but will focus on how we, as a society, measure what’s of value and how that influences our political choices and social change.