Professor Dr Oleg Dik

professor, Urban Sociology and Theology, Tabor Protestant University; lecturer, Sociology of Religion, Humboldt University

Oleg grew up in the Soviet Union but moved to Germany when he was 10 years old. He lived for several years in both Lebanon and the USA, having studied Theology, Sociology and Comparative Religions in both Germany and Lebanon. In 2015 Oleg earned his PhD from Humboldt University and from 2019-20 he was a research fellow at Yale University.

Currently, Oleg lives in Berlin with his wife Lisa and their four children. Together with a diverse team, he leads an intercultural church. In addition, he teaches Urban Sociology and Religious Studies at Tabor Protestant University, a local seminary, and occasionally lectures in Sociology of Religion at Humboldt University. His research focuses on Urban Sociology, encompassing themes as diverse as innovation & entrepreneurship, space & cognition, Christian-Muslim relations, and immigration & pluralism.