Jacob Reynolds

convenor, The Academy; head of policy, MCC Brussels

Jacob convenes the Ideas Matter charity’s annual event The Academy: a summer residential weekend which aims to explore the history, philosophy, literature and sociology of our current moment, through a series of lectures and discussions on a range of foundational themes. He also supports Debating Matters and helps convene Living Freedom, a summer school for young people interested in the philosophy of freedom.

He is the head of policy for the think tank MCC Brussels, an organisation seeking to shake up the “Brussels Bubble” and bring a real alternative to the heart of the European Union. He previously worked in consulting, working especially in behaviour change, strategy, and leadership. Prior to this, he read the BPhil in Philosophy at St Cross College, Oxford, where he specialised in political and continental philosophy, the work of Hannah Arendt, and studied aesthetics under the late Sir Roger Scruton.

Jacob is a regular guest on TV, speaking about a range of current affairs, and has written several articles for spiked on the subject of the Ukraine War.

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