Dr. Sven Speer

chief of staff, Katja Suding (FDP), Member of the German Parliament

Dr. Speer holds a degree in political science and history and a PhD in political science. He started his professional career as a scholar at the Cluster of Excellence ‘Religion and Politics’ at the University of Münster. Afterwards, he worked for several members of parliament in Berlin and Hanover and was managing director of an association of private schools.

Additionally, he founded the Open Religious Policy Forum advocating freedom for religion and non-religion. In this function, he gave speeches worldwide from Amman and Jerusalem to Salt Lake City.

Besides his current position as chief of staff of Katja Suding, vice chair of the Liberals in the German parliament, he is founder of www.inteero.de, an online interior design company.

He held scholarships of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the German Marshall Fund of the United State in Washington DC, and the Rhenian Leadership College in Düsseldorf.