Announcing the Debating Matters Berlin 2022 Championship!

We’re delighted to announce that Debating Matters is returning to Berlin – live and in person, for our seventh DM Berlin championship.

On Thursday 16 June, during a full day of lively debates, eight Berlin schools will battle it out to become Debating Matters Berlin 2022 Champions. Along the way, teams will have to tackle such issues as whether technical progress can solve our environmental problems, whether Western museums should repatriate their cultural artefacts and if UBI can solve our economic and social problems.  The group stages will culminate in the winners of each group taking on the topic, Tech companies should act to stop online misinformation in the grand final.

This year, teams will be competing from Eckener-Gymnasium, Schadow Gymnasium, Paulsen-Gymnasium, Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium, Humboldt-Gymnasium, Gottfried-Keller-Gymnasium, Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium and Nelson-Mandela-Schule.

Berlin students in the audience during 2020’s DM Berlin Championship

Debating Matters has always felt honoured to work with Freiblickinstitut to bring the competition to Germany, and we are delighted to do so again this year. We’re also very pleased, after a year of debates on Zoom, to be back at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences and we’d like to thank both our partners for their hard work and commitment to making this year’s event possible.

At the heart of the championship, as always, will be Debating Matters unique brand of ‘substance over style’ debating, the unparalleled interaction between judges and debaters, plenty of audience involvement, and a commitment to taking ideas seriously. For details of the full competition, please visit the EVENT page of our website and, if you’re in Berlin on 16 June and would like to be in the audience for the event, please get in touch with Mo Lovatt.