DM Online: How to keep debating during the lockdown

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Debating Matters Online – our contribution to keeping debate alive during these difficult times. 

During the lockdown, its important that everyone does their bit to support one another and find new ways to keep social isolation at bay. That’s why we wanted to┬átake Debating Matters Online, and provide materials to support teachers or parents who want to keep pupils intellectually engaged during the lockdown.

After a successful pilot debate (which you can watch here), we are making the full how-to guide available for teachers, students, and anyone interested in keeping debate alive. You can use it to organise your own debates.

You can find the guide on our website here. 

Alongside this guide, which anyone can use, the Debating Matters team will be organising a number of DM Online debates – we’ll invite judges, chair the debate, and match up interested schools to debate against each other. If you would like to take part, please email