Steven Barrett

barrister, Radcliffe Chambers; writer on law, Spectator

Steven is a lawyer who loves law. He is an experienced commercial barrister in big money cases in court and in arbitration; mostly in London but also around the world. That requires him to have a broad and deep understanding of the law. That made him uniquely placed, in 2020, to become the writer on law for the Spectator – where he’s covered a wide area of law. His greatest achievement was spotting, in a German case about the bond markets, the germ of what has become the EU Rule of Law Crisis (which is still ongoing).

He is a passionate scholar of UK constitutional law. He published the fact that the nature of international law in the UK was being misunderstood – and was vindicated a year later by the Supreme Court. He believes the line between what is law and what is politics is not mere philosophy, he thinks it is law and part of our constitution – but that it too, has fallen into misunderstanding.

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