Kolja Zydatiß

author, Cancel Culture: Democracy in Danger; journalist Die Achse des Guten and Novo Argumente

Kolja Zydatiss studied psychology, neuroscience and statistics. Since 2016 he has published in, among other media, Novo Argumente and Achse des Guten.

The latter currently publishes his weekly column ‘Ausgestoßene der Woche’ (Outcasts of the Week), in which he describes current cases of cancel culture. Kolja is also the socio-political spokesperson for the Freiblickinstitut e.V. debate institute.

Zydatiss’ first book Cancel Culture: Demokratie in Gefahr (Cancel Culture: Democracy in Danger) was published in March 2021 by Solibro, Münster. It was awarded the Ferdinand Friedensburg Prize 2021 by the Ferdinand Friedensburg Stiftung e.V.

You can follow Kolja on Twitter @onward_always