Timandra Harkness

journalist, writer and broadcaster; presenter, Radio 4’s FutureProofing and How to Disagree; forthcoming book, Technology is not the problem

Timandra Harkness is a writer, broadcaster and presenter. Her first book Big Data: does size matter? was published by Bloomsbury and her second book Technology is not the problem will be published by Harper Reach in May 2024. Watch her TedX talk, What Is Knowledge In The Age Of Big Data? here. Timandra writes and presents BBC Radio 4’s FutureProofing, How To Disagree and Steelmanning series. Documentaries including Data, Data EverywherePersonality Politics, and Five Knots for BBC Radio 4, and Are You A Numbers Person? for the BBC World Service. She was resident reporter on social psychology series The Human Zoo.

Since winning the Independent newspaper’s column-writing competition, Timandra has written for publications including the Telegraph, Guardian, Sunday Times, Unherd, Men’s Health and Significance (the journal of the Royal Statistical Society). She formed the first comedy science double-act in the UK with neuroscientist Dr Helen Pilcher. Since then she’s written and performed scientific and mathematical comedy from Adelaide (Australia) to Pittsburgh PA. In August 2019, Timandra took a new solo show, Take A Risk, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Timandra is a graduate member of the Royal Statistical Society, and a founder member of their Data Ethics and Governance Section.