Jane Johnston

head of corporate and community affairs, NATS

Jane is responsible for NATS’ UK political and industry relationships; corporate media relations; and engagement with local communities and the general public. Originally a newspaper journalist, she has worked across a range of internal, media and political communications roles both in-house and in consultancy.  She has a wide-ranging knowledge of the aviation, transport and infrastructure sectors and is an expert in crisis communications. She has worked on policy issues as diverse as aviation policy, immigration controls, pensions, infrastructure, environmental issues, taxation and business reorganisation. She has managed major public consultations on airspace change and is currently leading NATS’ engagement on modernising UK airspace. Her aviation experience includes more than 15 years at both British Airways and NATS.  She chaired the Aviation Club of the UK from 2015-18, a networking forum for the industry – rebranding it, overhauling its finances and boosting membership to more than 500 industry professionals.