Jack Barwell

student, Exeter University & founder of Exeter University Speak Easy Society

Jack Barwell is a student at Exeter University studying BA politics, having just finished his 2nd year. At secondary school he set up his own debating competition with all the schools in his trust called the folio trust speaking challenge for year 6 and 7 pupils. After leaving his state school he founded the Charity Bridge the Gap to help state school kids get into top universities through teaching by Oxbridge students. He is the president of the organisation. At university he was speaker secretary and then chairman of the Exeter University debating society for 2 years, hosting debates with speakers such as Ann Widdecombe, Calvin Robinson and David Gauke. He then left the debating society over its refusal to stand up for free speech and set up his own society, Exeter University Speak Easy Society, which he is the President of and is forming a national speak easy movement. Jack has also run as a conservative council candidate in Mincinglake and Whipton in 2021 and now works part time as a parliamentary assistant for Selaine Saxby MP.