Siobhan Bruns

editor in chief, Read On, die Sprachzeitungen at Carl Ed. Schünemann KG Verlag

Siobhan works for Die Sprachzeitung at the Carl Ed. Schünemann KG publishing house where she is editor in chief of Read On.

Die Sprachzeitung has language-teaching newspapers in French, Spanish, German as a foreign language, and English Read On and World and Press.

Read On is written in easy English and, together with its educational material (audios and worksheets), it is ideal for middle-school students.

World and Press is a compilation of original newspaper articles from The Times, The Guardian, and The New York Times, among others.

A premium subscription to World and Press (newspaper with educational material) is perfect for students preparing to take the Abitur exam in English. It’s also perfect for students preparing for Debating Matters.

That’s why die Sprachzeitung is rewarding the winning school of the Debating Matters Berlin Championship with a premium subscription to World and Press for one year!