Simon Cook

Simon began his career at 16 when he left school to become an apprentice chef.  He then embarked on a phenomenal journey in the hospitality and catering industry, taking him to work at prestigious 5 star London hotels, then on to Germany where he worked in some of the very best restaurants in the country, before moving on to open a restaurant with four colleagues which soon gained a Michelin star.  He then moved to South Africa where he met his wife, and who he then returned to England with to start his second career in teaching. Simon quickly progressed working within further education colleges and joined MidKent College in 2013, before being appointed principal & chief executive in September 2016.

Simon is passionate about the impact further education has on changing communities, shaping careers and opening opportunities for all ages, something he believes is no more important than in the communities of Medway & Maidstone where it serves thousands of students every year.