Nigel Ruddock

Nigel is an accountant and insolvency specialist spending over 30 years helping underperforming companies to restructure and return to profitability. Latterly he specialised in the automotive sector and was a regular visitor to Detroit during the financial crisis. He was also chairman of a major UK accounting firm employing ca. 4,000 people with a revenue of about £450m. From 2010 to 2015 he was a member of the International Leadership Board of Grant Thornton International where he was responsible for developing their global advisory business as well as helping develop the member firms in Asia Pacific and Middle East. He spent a lot of time in China. During 2015/6 he was chairman of an accounting firm in Singapore which was going through a period of change. Now retired, Nigel is a trustee of SERV, a charity dedicated to helping the NHS by delivering blood, samples and platelets, by motorcycle, out of hours.