Ian Taylor

retired psychiatric nurse

Ian was born in Oxford and lived in the south of England until age 10, when his family moved back to his parents’ home town of South Shields where he’s lived ever since. He studied sociology at Newcastle Polytechnic. On graduating, Ian had no definite career plan, and did a variety of jobs; labouring, bar work, survey work, retail management, and archaeological excavation. Eventually, he decided to train as a psychiatric nurse. He worked in the NHS for 23 years, and the private sector for 7 years. He loves history and art, and has read more social theory than is probably good for him. His interest in politics has waxed and waned, but has dramatically increased since the referendum. Married for 37 years, he has two sons aged 24 and 30, and grandchildren aged 5, 7 and 9. He boxed and did karate in his younger years, later doing distance running, He exercises daily. The things he holds dear are family, fitness, education, democracy, and free speech.