Hartwig Lorenz

YTD Supplier Quality Manager, Diehl Metal Applications GmbH

Hartwig Lorenz is a YTD Supplier Quality Manager for the Berlin-based company Diehl Metal Applications GmbH where he where he works in quality and supplier quality management. Prior to this he was a freelance engineer in the field of manufacturing process analysis and improvement, and Head of Quality and Environmental Management for Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH where he ran the department for quality, environmental, incoming goods management and material lab, with power of attorney. In addition, Hartwig also had a wide range of secondments to subsidiaries to set up or optimize manufacturing processes and for plant management with personnel responsibility in India, Indonesia, China and Egypt.

Hartwig has a degree in precision engineering and electronic device technology (Diplom Ingenieur) from the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. He gained this qualification after an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineering technician, followed by five years of work in various companies and after having gained a Technical diploma.  In addition, he undertook his military service from 1979 to 1980 as a lance-corporal in Landshut, Germany.