Benjamin Mehle

student, writer

Free University Berlin; Novo Argumente

Benjamin was born in Bad Sarow PIescow (Brandenburg) but grew up in Königs Wusterhausen (Brandenburg).  He graduated with a focus on German literature and English and participated in several student’s exchange programs (Poland, Israel) and drama clubs as a pupil. Benjamin did nine months of civil service for a psychiatric facility in in Berlin and worked one year as a carer for autistic adults in Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

Today he is studying Languages and Cultures of the Middle East at Free University Berlin (Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic.  History, politics and culture of Israel and the Arabian speaking countries). Benjamin been working as a private tutor for German, English and general rhetoric. He is a long time member of the political fraternity “Verein deutscher Studenten” in Berlin, having been responsible for public relations, the education of new members, the planning and preparation of events as well as the presentation and moderation of lectures and political debates.

Benjamin is a writer for the online magazine Novo Argumente and member of “Freiblick Institut” He is also co-producing and hosting a podcast called “Streit ist Kosher”, going online in April 2017 which will discuss several questions regarding Israel, Judaism and its relations to Germany and the world.