Barbara K. Prokop

artist, NBDBKP

Barbara K. Prokop was born in Vienna in 1973, grew up in Vancouver and has lived in Berlin since 1999. She works in a variety of media such as video, photography, sculpture and installation. In 2005 she started collaborating with Niels Betori Diehl as NBDBKP. Together they work on interior design projects, interdisciplinary large-scale exhibitions and publications, and organise panel discussions based on topics arising in their individual research and practices.

NBDBKP is currently working on an online web shop project that blurs the line between art and marketing, combining political and social issues with easy-to-wear pieces. In 2018 she co-founded the fashion label BS101 with Sarah Miltenberger. Barbara has an MFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University, Montréal and an MFA in Visual Culture Studies from Universität der Künste, Berlin.